Impossible Medicine

Spring 2011


  • archive photo of early bi-wing plane in flight

    They All Laughed

    Harvard doctors have long persevered in the face of skeptism

    by Jessica Cerretani

  • portrait of Phyllis Gardner

    Trading Spaces

    Researchers stay creative by moving between industry and academia

    by Jessica Cerretani and R. Alan Leo

  • blue spherical object with yellow finger-like tendrils curled around its base

    The Twilight Zone

    What discoveries were unimaginable even a decade ago?

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • portrait of William Chin

    This Glorious Quest

    An interview with William Chin, HMS executive dean for research

    by David Cameron

  • room with a single chair and a window high on a wall within which is visible the bottom of a white coat and the trousered legs of the man wearing it

    The Discovery Channel

    Harvard doctors remain undaunted by the demands of discovery

    by Cathryn Delude

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