• x-ray of a handbag showing its contents

    What Meets the Eye

    We may see only a small portion of what is really there

    by Jessica Cerretani

  • caricature of Jay Leno

    Get the Picture?

    We may recognize caricatures before faithful portraits

    by Jessica Cerretani

  • young child watches a tv monitor while seated on a young woman's lap and being observed by a male researcher

    Saving Face

    Infants may be more skilled than adults at facial recognition

    by Jessica Cerretani

  • photo illustration of a flight of stairs with man on his back stretched along lower treads, head resting on floor at base of stairs, an open door letting in bright light that bathes his body

    Amazing Grace

    When eyesight fails, blindness can reanimate a lost world

    by Elissa Ely

  • person using a cane for the bilnd and dressed in black shown entering the photo frame

    Second Sight

    Research suggests some blind people can "see"

    by Jessica Cerretani

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