• archive photo of a surgical theater circa 1950s with surgical team at work

    The Fight for Life

    Nobelist reflects on first successful human organ transplant

    by Joseph E. Murray

  • movie still of a young female zombie

    Plight of the Living Dead

    What can science fiction teach us about science fact?

    by Jessica Cerretani

  • The Look of Love

    Love's many splendors begin with empathy and attachment

    by David Cameron

  • head and torso of a carved female figure, with draped garments and downturned head

    The Depths of Despair

    Medicine tackles melancholia with new tools and understanding

    by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • stand of trees suffused with deep blue

    The Chill of Fear

    Dread requires only a tenth of a second to take root

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • face of a young boy, eyes and lips pressed tightly shut

    Anger Management

    Scientists probe wrath's nature in the hope of devising cures

    by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • mid-twentieth century photo of a businessman in suit and hat walking along a sidewalk, smiling

    The Contagion of Happiness

    Harvard researchers are discovering how we can all get happy

    by Jessica Cerretani

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