• comfrey plant

    Natural Selections

    A yen for a tomato becomes grounds for a garden

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • symphony orchestra on stage

    Whole Notes

    Does healing make a sound?

    by Jessica Cerretani

  • roofscape of old bell tower and church showing modern building in background

    The Streets Where We Live

    A physician turns health care into hope for those on the margins

    by Michael Rafferty

  • young girl in a hospital bed petting a small bulldog

    Dog Tales

    Illness can be soothed by the unspoken compassion of canines

    by Charli Kerns

  • adult woman showing blocks and other objects to young female patient

    Child's Play

    Make-believe can be serious business

    by Valerie Wencis

  • white matter pathways in a brain

    Looking into the Matter

    Diagnosing brain injuries poses challenges to researchers

    by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • painting of a young man showing scars from burns

    Surface Tension

    New techniques offer balm for the wounds of those burned

    by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • Wounded Deeply

    A Look Inside

    A video introduction to this issue

  • doctor pointing to a scar-free region on the abdomen of a young man who had been burned

    Tinker, Tailor

    An HMS surgeon looked to engineering to aid the severely burned

    by Charlie Kerns

Also in this issue

  • x-ray of chest region of a human

    Fresh Breath

    Researchers develop cell model to study lung diseases

    by Shraddha Chakradhar

  • image of eye interior, showing vascularization

    Getting the Nerve

    Scientists regrow optic-nerve fibers in animal model

    by Shraddha Chakradhar

  • cutaway model of an eyeball

    See Change

    Stem cells used to regenerate areas of retina in mouse model

    by Shraddha Chakradhar

  • green baseball scoreboard modified to show "teams" as two cell lines: hESC and iPSC

    Keeping Stats

    Scorecard helps scientists compare stem cell lines matchups

    by Shraddha Chakradhar

  • black and white drawing showing stairways at differing angles and elevations; feasibility of connections between them is an optical illusion

    Unsteady States

    Delirium during hospital stays can accelerate cognitive decline

  • composite photo featuring a circular object, half of which is a bowl of nuts and other half an orange slice

    No E-C Solution

    Vitamins found to have no protective effect on vision

  • image of shattered glass

    All the Rage

    Severe anger outbursts seen in up to six million U.S. adolescents

  • glass vial labeled Velcade

    All Eyes on the Alpert Prize

    by David Cameron

  • group photo of members of the Class of 2012 in their graduation robes

    Giving Voice

    Class Day speakers highlight the virtue of humility

    by Susan Karcz

  • portrait of Bradford Lundborg

    Taking a History

    A profile of Bradford Lundborg, Class of 1952

    by M.R.F. Buckley

  • portrait of Sumner Slavin

    Five Questions

    A profile of Sumner Slavin, plastic surgeon

    by Charli Kerns

  • portrait of Jeffrey Flier

    From the Dean

    Dean's letter to readers

    by Jeffrey S. Flier

  • probe used in the effort to locate the bullet lodged in President Garfield's body after the 1881 assassination attempt


    Medical history from Countway Library

    by Susan Karcz

  • photo of the cover of Border Crossings: A Spiritual Journal in Medicine

    Road Trip

    A review of Border Crossings

    by Elissa Ely

  • Thomas Daschle (left) and William Frist

    Second Opinions

    Examining the Affordable Care Act

    Perspectives from Thomas Daschle and William Frist