Topic: cell biology

portrait of Junying Yuan

Five Questions

A profile of Junying Yuan, cell biologist

by Elizabeth Dougherty

Issue: How Bugs Are Built

Topics: cell biology

green-colored cell with orange dots indicating chromosomes; next to it, a small satellite body with a single chromosome

A Bad Crush

"Pulverized" chromosome may trigger cancer

Issue: Space Savers

Topics: cell biology

ribbon configuration showing structure of tumor necrosis factor

Risk of Failure

Markers predict diabetes-linked loss of kidney function

Issue: Space Savers

Topics: cell biology

NETWORK NEWS: Detailed plot of interactions between proteins in fruit fly cells offers insight into function.

Map Quest

Protein-interaction schema for multicellular organisms built

by Robert Cooke

Issue: The Food Issue

Topics: cell biology

portrait of Vamsi Mootha

Forces of Nature

Scientists discover the protein that drives mitochondria

by David Cameron

Issue: The Science of Emotion

Topics: cell biology