Topic: clinical medicine

aerial photo of mountain with top striped for mining

A Canary Named West Virginia

Human health and the environment’s health are inseparable

by Daniel Doyle

Issue: The Environment

Topics: clinical medicine, social medicine

Sneeze Shield

Daily or weekly doses of vitamin D best when deficiency is great

by Sue McGreevey and Mike Morrison

Issue: Rural Health

Topics: clinical medicine

They Divide to Conquer

Insulin-making cells fail to proliferate in people with diabetes

by Eric Bender

Issue: Rural Health

Topics: diabetes, clinical medicine

Taking a History

A profile of Lloyd Hamilton, class of 1954

by Katie DuBoff

Issue: Rural Health

Topics: alumni, clinical medicine

In the Picture

Researchers improve geographic diversity in clinical studies

by Stephanie Dutchen

Issue: Rural Health

Topics: clinical medicine

In a Big Country

Doctors tackle rural health care disparities

by Kevin Jiang

Issue: Rural Health

Topics: health care policy, clinical medicine

Rorschach test

Pattern Recognition

Older patients fare better with female physicians

by Susan Karcz

Issue: Connections

Topics: clinical medicine

Human heart scan

Break It Up, Now

Approach may lead to more effective removal of blood clots

Issue: Connections

Topics: clinical medicine

Curbside Care

Delivering health care to vulnerable populations

by Jake Miller

Issue: The Art of Medicine

Topics: clinical medicine

array of generic instruments found in a clinic


Online clinical notes can benefit patients and doctors

by Kelly Lawman

Issue: Voices

Topics: clinical medicine