Topic: global health

satellite view of 2017 fires in California

Forces on Nature

A different perspective on earthly events sobers and stuns

by Ann Marie Menting

Issue: The Environment

Topics: global health

Five Questions

A profile of Patrick Lee

by Susan Karcz

Issue: Rural Health

Topics: global health

Probe and Suture

Health professionals work toward better surgical care globally

by Jake Miller

Issue: Surgery

Topics: surgery, global health

rear view of a man, hands on hips and hat on head, looking toward a single-engine airplane, white with red stripes

A Wing and A Prayer

Medicine takes to the air to serve far-flung populations

by Angela Alberti

Issue: Space Savers

Topics: global health

agricultural field filled with peanut plants

Ground Force

Can peanuts heal a malnourished nation?

by Karin Kiewra

Issue: The Food Issue

Topics: global health

wooden chairs on a brick patio with sun shining on plants visible along patio's edge

Place Setting

An orchard can be a labor of love—and a testament to biodiversity

by Angela Alberti

Issue: The Food Issue

Topics: global health