Topic: sports medicine

Five Questions

A profile of Cheri Blauwet, an adaptive sports expert

by Susan Karcz

Issue: Connections

Topics: sports medicine

Woman running along a sand dune

Enduring Pleasures

What happens when athletes push themselves to physical limits?

by Elizabeth Cooney

Issue: Play

Topics: sports medicine

Anatomical illustrations of leg bones

Structural Elements

Orthopedists use new technologies to mend athletes

by Stephanie Dutchen

Issue: Play

Topics: sports medicine

Portrait of R. Bruce Donoff

Home Team

Boston's teams draft local talent with care

by Valerie Wencis

Issue: Play

Topics: sports medicine

a white football helmet emblazoned with a red medical cross

Playing It Safer

Effort to improve health and well-being of football players

by David Cameron

Issue: A National Portrait

Topics: sports medicine