Topic: surgery

Five Questions

A profile of Pedro Del Nido, pediatric surgeon

by Susan Karcz

Issue: Surgery

Topics: surgery, pediatrics

Thinker, Tailor, Surgeon, Trainer

Anatomy courses offer young surgeons experience and perspective

by Bobbie Collins

Issue: Surgery

Topics: surgery, medical education

Probe and Suture

Health professionals work toward better surgical care globally

by Jake Miller

Issue: Surgery

Topics: surgery, global health

women in surgery room

Theater Reviews

Women surgeons are leading and shaping the field

Issue: Surgery

Topics: surgery, alumni

Amalie Zuckerkandl portrait 1917 Gustiv Klimt

Reflected Anew

Surgery leaves scars both seen and unseen

by Stephanie Dutchen

Issue: Surgery

Topics: surgery, psychology

a violin with a broken string

Cord Changes

Laryngology is undergoing a high-tech interdisciplinary remix

by Elizabeth Dougherty

Issue: Voices

Topics: surgery

portrait of Keith Lillemoe

Five Questions

A profile of Keith Lillemoe, surgeon

Interview by R. Alan Leo

Issue: The Science of Emotion

Topics: surgery

a slug

Secrete Sauce

Bioinspired adhesive can hold patches inside beating hearts

Issue: Play

Topics: surgery

portrait of Sumner Slavin

Five Questions

A profile of Sumner Slavin, plastic surgeon

by Charli Kerns

Issue: Wounded, Deeply

Topics: surgery