• a violin with a broken string

    Cord Changes

    Laryngology is undergoing a high-tech interdisciplinary remix

    by Elizabeth Dougherty

  • wave breaking on sand into which is written Words to Live By

    Words to Live By

    When helping a patient prepare for death, talk about life instead

    by David Cameron

  • field of sunflowers obscuring outline of a man

    The Sound of One's Own Voice

    Voice and speech therapy can aid in gender affirmation

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • Image of broken cell phone screen

    Sotto Voce

    Neurodegeneration often steals something we consider quintessenti

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • portrait of Suzie Brown

    Hum a Few Bars

    Song and singing can round out the lives of physicians

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • word balloon containing words How Are You?

    How Are You?

    Nuances of voice and body can be key when learning patients' need

    by Susan Karcz

  • Anne Pappenheimer Forbes riding her horse, Sorella

    A Woman's Work

    Anne Forbes, endocrinologist, mentored several HMS alumni

    by Amalie Kass and Eleanor Shore

  • Video-A Look Inside

    A Look Inside

    A video introduction to this issue

Also in this issue

  • red HMS banner hanging over the doors to Gordon Hall

    Work in Progress

    Listening in on medical education

    by Jeffrey S. Flier

  • Henri Ford holding separated twins


    Alumnus leads team in Haiti in separation of conjoined twins

    by Jake Miller

  • portrait of Leigh Ann Humphries

    Identity Check

    Survey assesses attitudes on surname changes after marriage

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • James O'Connell providing care to a homeless man

    Taking It to the Streets

    Physician-author writes about working with Boston's homeless

    by Lauren Massey

  • concept image with central light emitting musical notations

    A Different Kind of Love Song

    Transgender men and women learn to sing with new voices

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • healing temple on Kos Island in Greece

    Class of 2019 Oath

    New students pledge themselves to patients and profession

    by Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of...

  • Dean Flier

    From the Dean

    Dean's letter to readers

    by Jeffrey S. Flier

  • photo of the book Thinfluence

    Dinner Conversations

    A review of Thinfluence

    by Elissa Ely

  • a drawing of the vocal tract, late 1800s


    Medical history from Countway Library

    by Susan Karcz

  • portrait of Pieter Cohen

    Five Questions

    A profile of Pieter Cohen, physician

    by Angela Alberti

  • portrait of Gary Gibbons

    Taking a History

    A profile of Gary Gibbons, Class of 1984

    by Katie DuBoff

  • portrait of Stephen Elledge

    And the Award Goes to . . .

    Steven Elledge shares Lasker for discovery of DNA repair path

    by David Cameron

  • photo of some members of the Class of 2019

    A Solidarity of Purpose

    Class of 2019 embarks on a new curriculum

    by Elizabeth Cooney and Susan Karcz

  • single blind cavefish, white against black background

    Feast and Famine

    Mutated gene in binge-eating cavefish also in some obese people

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • blue background with light-colored veins tracing over it to show blood supply in the cerebral cortex

    Crystal Clear

    Type 2 diabetes affects memory and learning in older adults

    by Bonnie Prescott

  • transparent profile of mannikin head with amygdala highlighted


    Chronic steriod use increases size of brain's emotion center

  • computer-generated image of a mitochondrion

    Damage Control

    Genes mutated in ALS found to be linked to Parkinson's disease

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • dark blue red blood cells, normal and sickled, against a light blue background

    Line Edits

    Possible therapeutic target for hemoglobin disorders discovered

    by Tom Ulrich

  • light and dark purple elastin fibers

    Light Works

    Protein-based hydrogel mimics elastic properties of tissues

  • women on subway platform being passed by a train

    Mind the Gap

    Women are less to become full professors at U.S. medical schools

    by Jake Miller

  • array of generic instruments found in a clinic


    Online clinical notes can benefit patients and doctors

    by Kelly Lawman

  • green-colored microglia cells surrounding red-colored mouse neuron

    Synaptic Sculpting

    Investigating microglia

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • Cover Story

    From theme to ideation to design

    by Paul DiMattia