• bifocal microscope with portion of base cracked but stabilized by a book of matches

    Running on Empty?

    Worries grow over the sustainability of U.S. science

    by David Cameron

  • collage of candid pictures of young children

    The Burden of Proof

    Kids helping kids helping science: the promise of clinical trials

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • tree canopy filled with resting bats and surrounded by flying bats

    A Common Foe

    The HMS community brought myriad skills to the Ebola fight

    by Debra Bradley Ruder

  • orange background against which are neon letters forming word fragments bore and dom


    Could it be creativity's spark—or cause for concern?

    by Perri Klass

  • forensics marker (yellow) with the number 1 on amid leaves and next to open penknife

    Coroner's Report

    A physician-coroner's life links mystery, science, and service

    by Robert West

  • 1869 painting of naval battle between the USS Constitution and the HMS Guerriere

    High Seas Surgeon

    Amos Evans cared for the crew of Old Ironsides

    by Louis Arthur Norton

  • landscape shot of a path through field and trees with the Canadian Rockies in the background

    Biking with Wolves

    A physician searches for the elemental truths of body and mind

    by Nathaniel Cobb

  • illustration of woman holding magnifying glass while looking at a large blue butterfly

    Into the Woods

    Nature inspires researchers to think outside the lab

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • A Look Inside

    A video introduction to this issue

Also in this issue

  • portrait of Risa Lavizzo-Mourey

    Taking a History

    A profile of Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, Class of 1979

    by Katie DuBoff

  • thin metal instrument known as a viscerotome, at one time used to take tissue samples from cadavers


    Medical history from Countway Library

    by Susan Karcz

  • portrait of Judith Palfrey

    Five Questions

    A profile of Judith Palfrey, pediatrician

    by Susan Karcz

  • photo of book cover: Where the Wind Leads

    True Bearing

    A review of Where the Wind Leads

    by Elissa Ely

  • portrait of Jeffrey Flier

    From the Dean

    Dean's letter to readers

    by Jeffrey S. Flier

  • preterm infant in incubator

    Listen Up

    Preterm newborns' brains reshape in response to mother's voice

    by Susan Karcz

  • micrograph of large B-cell lymphoma

    Between the Lines

    Pseudogenes may lead to disease development in humans

    by Bonnie Prescott

  • micrograph of DNA undergoing transcription

    The Long and the Short of It

    Mutations in a single gene may spur Rett syndrome

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • pager with "I Love You" in message window

    Medical Bliss

    Physicians less likely than other health professionals to divorce

    by Sue McGreevey

  • scanning electron micrograph of cone and rod cells in the human eye

    Buffer Zone

    Controlling bicarbonate levels may slow or prevent eye diseases

    by Mary Leach

  • illustration of single-letter abbreviations for the nucleotides that form DNA

    Browser Beware

    Concerns raised over online marketing of genetic test for cancer

  • exterior of the front of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center in Dubai

    Foundation of Care

    New center in Dubai will focus on community health

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • fourth-year student, Adaugo Amobi, celebrating news of her residency appointment

    Make Me a Match

    HMS students learn where their careers will begin

    by Jake Miller

  • portrait of Shekinah Elmore

    Ethics, Empathy, and Education

    Student honored for social justice, global health equity work

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • stairs to HMS Quad

    Working It Out

    The business of being a doctor

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • portrait of Alex Bick and Eran Hodis

    Of Two Minds

    Two MD-PhD students named to the Forbes "30 Under 30" lists

    by Ann Marie Menting