• assortment of surgical tools, and a baby's pacifier, on a blue fabric field

    Tool Kit

    A physician reflects on lessons learned from life and her granny

    by Tamara Fountain

  • x-ray-like image of a fountain pen

    Script Writing

    The written word can be the most personalized medicine

    by Ellen Barlow

  • a zebra finch in flight

    Field Notes

    A fascination with baby babble leads a pediatrician to birdsong

    by Perri Klass

  • painting of the back of the head and upraised arms of a woman inverted as if she is suspended from above

    The Stethoscope Replies

    A poem

    by Rafael Campo

  • nude male torso turned partically away from viewer


    Death, expected, then unexpected, carries lessons

    by Michael LaCombe

  • torso of a strongly built young man in a T-shirt with hands clasped behind head and neck

    Magnify and Simplify

    How words, brillantly chosen, illuminate

    by Elissa Ely

  • painting of a young woman bending forward as she carries an outsized bundle on her back


    A patient, met during a psychiatry residency, writes her doctor

  • pencil sketch of a nude young man lying on a floor

    Body Language

    Essays of story and art

  • quilt with squares containing words used regionally to describe ailments

    On Speaking Terms

    The difficulties of knowing what a patient is really saying

    by David Cameron

  • network of cells with word balloons added to indicate cellular communication

    Internal Dialogues

    If we take the time to listen, our cells have quite a bit to say

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • A Look Inside

    A video introduction to this issue

Also in this issue

  • portrait of Rita Charon

    Taking a History

    A profile of Rita Charon, Class of 1978

    by Katie DuBoff

  • portrait of Ulrich von Andrian

    Five Questions

    A profile of Ulrich von Andrian, immunologist

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • portrait of Jeffrey Flier

    From the Dean

    Dean's letter to readers

    by Jeffrey S. Flier

  • cornea of an eye showing vasculature

    Second Sight

    Adult human stem cells show promise for corneal growth

    by Nancy Fliesler and Mary Leach

  • yellow box with red lettering promoting herb mixture contents as a blood purifier and liver regulator


    Medical history from Countway Library

    by Susan Karcz

  • photo of the cover of Sitting Together: Essential Skills for Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

    Breathing Lessons

    A review of Sitting Together

    by Elissa Ely

  • tangle of stethoscopes

    In It Together

    Bonds between physicians are key to weathering change

    by Zirui Song

  • prescription medicine container with warning labels affixed

    Unintended Consequences

    Teen suicide attempts found to rise as antidepressant use falls

    by Jake Miller

  • x-ray of human pelvis with myeloma

    Package Delivery

    Nano-particle drug delivery system effective in bone-cancer model

    by Marjorie Montemayor-Quellenberg

  • zebrafish swimming among vegetation

    Fishing Trip

    Compound may stem cardiac condition that can cause sudden death

    by Bonnie Prescott

  • graphic of interleukin-10 molecule

    Gut Reaction

    Possible aid for early-onset inflammatory bowel disease

    by Nancy Fliesler

  • blue-tinted surface of a T cell studded with orange-tinted HIV

    Still Waters

    Discovery presents new challenges for HIV eradication efforts

    by Bonnie Prescott

  • micrograph showing gene-deficient capillaries leaking dye, an indication of the gene's role in permeability

    Bubble Vision

    Possible now option for opening and closing blood-brain barrier

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • rays of light shooting from the sun, obscured by a cloud

    Shirk de Soleil

    Research in mice connects UV light to opiate-like effects

    by Sue McGreevey

  • cytomegalovirus

    Mass Appeal

    Device reveals dynamics of a pervasive pathogen

    by David Cameron

  • two female graduates taking a selfie

    The Power of Community

    Class of 2014 encouraged to hew to vision and values

    compiled from articles by Stephanie Dutchen,...

  • ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes, featuring a physician

    Puff Peace

    Clinician-researchers look at efforts to stem tobacco use

    by Ellen Barlow

  • portrait of Allen Chen and Tim Lu

    Film Industry

    Forging "living" material in a biofoundry

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • Vijay Kuchroo, with microphone

    Opposing Forces

    Panel considers immunity and inflammation in disease and therapy

    by Ellen Barlow