Navigating the twists and turns of medical ethics tests researchers and physicians

  • Autumn 2016
The word ethic turned into a complicated maze

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  1. Japanese Red Cross near the Yalu River 1904
    Ethics Issue Autumn 2016

    In Short Supply

    Can doctors who deliver medical care following disasters shift their thinking from what's good for the one to what's good for the many?

  2. Patient name tag
    Ethics Issue Autumn 2016

    Morality Tales

    There's more than a bit of soul-searching needed when physicians bring patients' stories out of the clinic and onto the page

  3. Not Inconceivable
    Ethics Issue Autumn 2016

    Not Inconceivable

    Amid a growing range of reproductive technologies, ethicists confront questions arising from access and application

  4. The six founders of neurobiology at HMS (center image: clockwise from left, standing): Edwin Furshpan, Stephen Kuffler, David Hubel, Torsten Wiesel, Edward Kravitz, and David Potter
    Ethics Issue Autumn 2016

    On Our Mind

    The multidisciplinary study of the brain got its start at HMS more than fifty years ago