Autumn 2018

Science, Art, and Innovation


  • illustration of microscope, evolving in complexity
    Special Report

    A Better Look

    The development of cryo-EM has revolutionized structural biology

    by Kevin Jiang

  • partial view of a lattice light-sheet microscope
    Special Report

    Dream Machines

    Answering the questions of science can require new ways of seeing

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • John Snow's 1854 map of London cholera epidemic
    Special Report

    The Lay of the Land

    Geography may rival genetics as an indicator of human health

    by Jake Miller

  • 1995 stamp featuring Alice Hamilton

    The Sound of Glass Shattering

    Alice Hamilton, first woman to be appointed to Harvard's faculty

    by Eleanor and Miles Shore

  • partial view of a micrograph of the hippocampus of the brain
    Special Report

    The Lens as Canvas

    A photo essay on the art and science of imaging

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • illustration of lonely woman

    A Treatment for Loneliness

    Can a physician write a prescription for friendship?

    by Sachin Jain

Also in this issue

  • head shot of Dean Daley

    Observing Is Learning


    by George Q. Daley

  • wasabi stems prepared for market

    Alarm Bell

    The wasabi receptor's role in cancer

  • colorized electron micrograph of E coli bacteria

    The Power of One

    Change to a single gene in gut bacterium can alter metabolism

  • micrograph of amyloid beta plaque in the brain

    Aging and Cancer

    Mutations raise risk for white blood cell disorder

  • electron micrograph of HIV

    Summing the Parts

    Vaccine against HIV-1 holds promise

  • portrait of Sun Hur

    Five Questions

    A conversation with Sun Hur, biological chemist

    by Ekaterina Pesheva

  • x-ray of a wrist


    Images of cadavers helped lay the foundation for x-ray use

    by Susan Karcz

  • portrait of Asmaa Rimawi

    Student Life

    2018 Soros Fellows at HMS

    by Ann Marie Menting

  • head shot of John Crues

    Finding Aid

    A profile of John Vernon Crues III, class of 1979

    by Susan Karcz

  • group of medical personnel in a hospital ward, mid-20th century


    Alumni share the pros and cons of choosing medicine as a career

  • surgical suite with in-room imaging

    A Window on Wheels

    A modified mass spectrometer allows tissue analysis in the OR

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • Fluorescent proteins lighting up the cytoskeleton of a cell

    Glowing Recommendations

    New resource for selecting fluorescent proteins for experiments

    by Stephanie Dutchen