Winter 2014


  • Boston City Hospital ward, mid-twentieth century

    At Their Service

    The Harvard Medical Unit created leaders in medicin

    by Debra Bradley Ruder

  • Portrait of R. Bruce Donoff

    Home Team

    Boston's teams draft local talent with care

    by Valerie Wencis

  • Anatomical illustrations of leg bones

    Structural Elements

    Orthopedists use new technologies to mend athletes

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • Skier during slalom competition

    Competitive Edge

    How mental preparation helps athletes win

    by Susan Karcz

  • Woman running along a sand dune

    Enduring Pleasures

    What happens when athletes push themselves to physical limits?

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • Renaissance painting of children at play

    Flights of Fancy

    Free play shapes a child's brain

    by Jake Miller

  • A Look Inside

    A video introduction to this issue

Also in this issue

  • Portrait of Dean Jeffrey S. Flier

    From the Dean

    Dean's letter to readers

    by Jeffrey S. Flier

  • portrait of Mark Adickes as a player for the Kansas City Chiefs

    Taking a History

    A profile of Mark Adickes, Class of 2000

    by Katie DuBoff

  • Portrait of David Ginty

    Five Questions

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • Chess set carved by Zabdiel Boylston Adams, Class of 1853


    Medical history from Countway Library

    by Susan Karcz

  • Cover of book: Farmacology

    Back to the Land

    Reviewing the written word

    by Elissa Ely

  • diagram of bioenhanced ACL repair technique

    A Stitch Inside

    Technique uses collagen scaffold to help torn ACLs mend

    by Elizabeth Cooney

  • serial MRIs of a cranium

    Arrested Development

    Aspirin may inhibit growth of tumors responsible for hearing loss

    by Mary Leach

  • soldiers in parade rest position

    Pre-existing Conditions

    Improved screening may help reduce soldier suicide rate

    by Jake Miller

  • photo illustration of E. coli bacteria in the human intestine

    Population Shift

    Intestinal microbe populations change in Crohn's disease

    by Sue McGreevey

  • a slug

    Secrete Sauce

    Bioinspired adhesive can hold patches inside beating hearts

  • mammogram of a woman's breast

    Optical Conclusions

    Concerns over mammography risks merit an individualized approach

    by David Cameron

  • two-panel photo juxtaposing urban and rural landscapes

    Coast to Coast

    Nation's primary care doctors strive for quality improvement

    by Sue McGreevey

  • a slug

    Protein Bonds

    Scientists fashion bone-repair devices from silk

    by Bonnie Prescott

  • portrait of David Roberts

    Outward Bound

    First HMS dean for external education named.

  • A display of the teeth in the human mouth, prepared in 1887 by a Harvard dental student

    The World Within

    Two exhibits explore our fascination with our own anatomy

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • Portrait of Joe Brewster, Michele Stephenson, and sons

    Framing the Issue

    HMS alumnus tackles social topics in his films

    by Stephanie Dutchen

  • upside-down classroom chair


    Medical schools turn to the flipped classroom

    by Jasmine Rana