The importance of voice and what it means to lose, regain, or change it

  • Winter 2015
Lots of words coming together to form the one word 'voices'

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  1. smartphone with cracked screen
    Voices Issue Autumn 2015

    Sotto Voce

    Neurodegeneration often steals something we consider quintessentially human—our ability to speak

  2. Harvard University shield
    Voices Issue Autumn 2015

    How Are You?

    Whether occurring over the fence or in the clinic, conversation requires perceiving the subtleties of voice and body

  3. partial view of a violin on its side
    Voices Issue Autumn 2015

    Cord Changes

    Laryngology is undergoing a high-tech, science-driven interdisciplinary remix

  4. portrait of Suzie Brown
    Voices Issue Autumn 2015

    Hum a Few Bars

    Song and singing round out the professional and personal lives of physicians

  5. Anne Pappenheimer Forbes astride a horse
    Voices Issue Autumn 2015

    A Woman's Work

    Anne Pappenheimer Forbes helped shape the field of endocrinology—while mentoring several HMS alumni