Wounded, Deeply

Doctors probe new ways to mend tattered bodies, minds, and societies

  • Autumn 2012
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  1. Portrait of a young boy named Alex
    Wounded, Deeply Issue Autumn 2012

    Surface Tension

    New techniques, technologies offer balm for the wounds of those burned

  2. GIMME A PUG: Phil visits a young patient during his rounds as a volunteer for Pawprints, the therapy dog-visitation program at Boston Children’s Hospital.
    Wounded, Deeply Issue Autumn 2012

    Dog Tales

    The trauma of illness can be soothed by the unspoken compassion of canines

  3. Longwood Symphony Orchestra performing in Jordon Hall in Boston
    Wounded, Deeply Issue Autumn 2012

    Whole Notes

    Does healing make a sound? Just listen to the Longwood Symphony Orchestra

  4. Harvard University shield
    Wounded, Deeply Issue Autumn 2012

    Tinker, Tailor

    An HMS surgeon looked to engineering to aid the severely burned