The Adventure Issue

How adventure and curiosity help expand the mind

  • Spring 2015

The Adventure Issue, the trailer

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  1. cartoon drawing of woman looking through magnifying glass at a blue butterfly
    The Adventure Issue Spring 2015

    Into the Woods

    Looking to nature for inspiration allows researchers to think outside the lab

  2. large blue letters on an orange background spelling boredom
    The Adventure Issue Spring 2015


    Could it be creativity’s spark—or a cause for concern?

  3. yellow evidence marker on the ground with dead leaves
    The Adventure Issue Spring 2015

    Coroner's Report

    The life of a physician-coroner combines mystery, science, and service

  4. a microscope against a white background
    The Adventure Issue Spring 2015

    Running on Empty?

    As funding for research wanes, worries grow over the sustainability of the nation’s scientific enterprise